The Business Archives Surveying Officer can work with organisations to:

  • Identify historically significant business archives
  • Create detailed inventories of archive collections
  • Recommend best practice for the management and preservation of archives and, if necessary, arrange deposit with a suitable archive repository
  • Advise on record retention schedules and records management best practice, including the management of digital records
  • Provide guidance on exploiting heritage assets to strengthen brand identity, support advertising and promotion, and protect intellectual property
  • Carry out historical research and prepare for anniversaries, celebrations, and events
  • Help establish heritage outreach programmes, including oral history projects and the creation of educational resources

Services and Charges

The Surveying Officer carries out surveys of historic records held by businesses, professional organisations, charities and trade unions in Scotland. The Surveying Officer can also provide advice and guidance on the management and use of business archives to businesses, archivists, and researchers.

Business Archives

The businesses and industries of Scotland have been instrumental in shaping the economic, social and cultural development of the country.  Every business is unique, with its own story of achievement, organisational culture, reputation, products, and people. Business archive collections provide evidence of business activity and also the relationship businesses have with their staff and the communities within which they are based or trade.

Case Studies

Every business is unique, with its own story of achievement, organisational culture, reputation, products and people.

Our range of archive case studies has been developed to show how a wide variety of businesses, archives and heritage organisations have used their business archive collections. Business archives are not only a business asset, they also enhance our understanding of Scotland’s exceptionally rich economic, industrial and commercial past.